"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Suess

Brand Retro is the Cyberdogz Podcast where we talk about branding, marketing, and the meaning behind it all. It's also where we reminisce about that special time or place where you fell in love with your brand — aka, "The Brand Retro Mindset." Each episode is a conversation about the marketing mindset inside of well-known companies. Mike Brevik, founder of Cyberdogz, shares how innovative brands are collaborating with outside consultants to create game-changing products, unique marketing campaigns, and next-level ideas for companies of all sizes across various industries.


How To Create Value With Your Brand with Kate Dileo

Brand geeks unite! Fellow marketer, entrepreneur, and brand lover Kate Dileo joins the podcast! Mike and Kate talk about their ...

Creating A Brand One Mile(stone) At A Time with Janus Motorcycles – Part 2

Mike, Richard, Grant, and Jordan are back to talk more about Janus Motorcycles. They share the different styles of bike ...

Creating A Brand One Mile(stone) At A Time with Janus Motorcycles – Part 1

This episode is SPECIAL for a few reasons. It's our 75th episode AND our first episode where we've transitioned from ...

Brand Truths with Matt Christ & Orsolya Herbein

Mike welcomes visual brand problem solvers and strategists Matt Christ & Orshie Herbein from Brand3 to tackle the unfiltered truths ...

Delivering The Hard Truth with Bobby Gillespie

  Fellow marketer, entrepreneur, and deliverer of truth Bobby Gillespie joins the podcast. Bobby is the Founder and Principal at ...

Statwax with Brian Walker

Mike welcomes the President of Statwax, Brian Walker! Brian leads the operations and strategy for a team of SEM, SEO, ...

Tulip Media Group with Jessica Embree

  Mike welcomes lifelong entrepreneur, international bestseller, StoryBrand Guide, marketing expert, AND creative director for Tulip Media Group, Jessica Embree! ...

Disruptive Successor with Jonathan Goldhill

Highly experienced business coach Jonathan Goldhill joins the Brand Retro Podcast! Mike and Jonathan break down the importance of coaching, ...

Human Factor Media with Zack Slingsby

Zack Slingsby joins the Brand Retro Podcast. He is a writer, short film creator, and founder of the award-winning branded ...

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