"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Suess

Brand Retro is the Cyberdogz Podcast where we talk about branding, marketing, and the meaning behind it all. It's also where we reminisce about that special time or place where you fell in love with your brand — aka, "The Brand Retro Mindset." Each episode is a conversation about the marketing mindset inside of well-known companies. Mike Brevik, founder of Cyberdogz, shares how innovative brands are collaborating with outside consultants to create game-changing products, unique marketing campaigns, and next-level ideas for companies of all sizes across various industries.


Empathy Plus Data Driven Brand Storytelling with Sarah Panus

On today's episode, Mike is joined by Sarah Panus of Kindred Speak to talk about how Brand Storytelling is 22x ...

The Importance of Leadership with Randy Hall

Joining Mike today is leadership guru Randy Hall of 4th Gear Consulting and Leadership Gym. Both strive to be the ...

Online Retail Strategies with Khierstyn Ross

With the holidays upon us, it's CRUNCH TIME for online retailers! Mike is joined by a fellow marketer, Kickstarter, and ...

The Art of War with Michael Christopher Brown

Mike is joined by the VERY accomplished professional photographer Michael Christopher Brown. Michael is most known for his documentation of ...

Let’s Get Growing with Darrell Amy

We’re back! AND we’ve brought Revenue Growth Strategist, Best Selling Author, and Key-Note Speaker Darrell Amy with us to discuss ...

The Art Of Being Impackedful with Natalie Johnson

Mike is joined by a fellow marketer, owner, and founder of Impackedful Creative, Natalie Johnson. Natalie is a breath of ...

Designing The Total Package with Siena Dexter

From across the pond, Mike is joined by fellow marketer and brand lover Siena Dexter. Siena is the Director of ...

Chuck Jones Center For Creativity: Red Dot Art Auction

Chuck Jones Center For Creativity's Annual Red Dot Auction is a fundraiser like no other. Talented artists from around the ...

Milwaukee Tool with Pete Carlson

In the episode, we welcome Pete Carlson from Milwaukee Tool to discuss their NEXT LEVEL brand, their unwavering dedication to ...

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