The Art Of Being Impackedful with Natalie Johnson

Mike is joined by a fellow marketer, owner, and founder of Impackedful Creative, Natalie Johnson. Natalie is a breath of fresh air and not only REALLY gets the art of branding, but she’s mastered the art of unleashing a company’s creativity while making an impact. A portion of all her profits is donated to fill hungry bellies with food, leaving those in need saying, “I am packed full.” Don’t miss this one!


  • What Natalie Johnson’s creative journey: How she identified what niche to offer to clients and how she found her own path
  • How having a creative foundation brought her business to life
  • How you can create value in the market
  • What Natalie sees in her clients in terms of branding and how they want their brands to be represented
  • How you can balance the “we” and the “me” from a business owner standpoint
  • How she finds balance when it comes to working on her niche
  • Working with clients: What her process is like to help them stand out
  • What her vision is for Impackedful
  • Where to find Natalie and get more information about Impackedful

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