Always Deliver!

Have you ever set goals only to be disappointed by the results?

Mike shares his thoughts on why marketing professionals should deliver and get everything done. He also emphasizes that marketing is fluid; hence changes and nuisances can erode expectations. Therefore, over-communication is a must. This episode is a guide to maintaining happy client relationships!


  • It is not always 1 to 1 – 0:25
  • Help the client get to the finish line – 2:23
  • The fourth quarter is always the toughest – 4:10
  • Focus on the goal, expectation, relationship, and brand – 8:16
  • Hitting the game as marketing professionals – 9:50
  • Overcommunication is vital, everything changes in a split second – 11:55
  • Good plans can be affected by a shift 15:27
  • Work harder at delivering, win more than you lose – 16:24

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