Asking Why! with Mallory Dean

Mike welcomes digital designer, UX specialist, content creator, and strategist, Mallory Dean to discuss the 5 Why’s and the trust needed within the creative process. Mallory’s natural sense of curiosity has led her toward many creative endeavors and given her the passion for lifelong learning and exploration. If you like problem-solving, this one’s for you!



  • Who is Mallory Dean? – 0:07
  • Mallory’s backstory: How she got to where she’s at. – 0:28
  • Transitioning in design, in general, is always gonna be pretty easy once you get the foundations because all designs have the same foundation. – 4:06
  • The idea behind the 5 Why’s. – 6:51
  • Step 1: Gathering the stakeholders. – 12:13
  • What’s a very important thing to do as a creative, a developer, or any role that you’re playing? – 15:17
  • Step 2: Defining the problem. – 16:05
  • You have to be able to identify those problems but really assess the ranking or the priority of those problems. – 19:55
  • Step 3: Working through the why’s. – 20:04
  • Step 4: Making an actionable step towards fixing the root cause. – 24:29
  • What’s the 5th Why for Mallory? When is having too many
  • Why’s a problem? – 28:36
  • The big thing when it comes to working with clients: Trust. – 33:01

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