Artist Spotlight: Hazel Imogen

Mike welcomes a brand-focused designer and creative director currently based out of Los Angeles, Hazel Imogen. Hazel’s approach and passion are helping bad-ass go-getters create meaningful brands that connect with their audience. This episode is as BOSS as she is!



  • Who is Hazel Imogen? – 0:32
  • What she felt about the transition. – 2:36
  • Being comfortable being uncomfortable. – 5:44
  • What’s one of the most important things to do during your transition as you start to work by yourself? – 6:57
  • Victories in branding. – 9:14
  • Hazel’s process and how she captures details to make them come to life. – 13:35
  • What the landscape looks like. – 19:53
  • Her mission statement and creative stance on marketing. – 25:36

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