Artist Spotlight: Ryan Wheaton (Craft Brew Creative)

Mike welcomes fellow artist, designer, and special guest Ryan Wheaton to the Brand Retro Podcast. Ryan is the mastermind behind Craft Brew Creative AND host of the Branding Brews Podcast. Ryan gives us an interesting look behind the scenes of the Craft Brewing industry as he shares his story on how he followed his gut and carved out his niche!


  • How he got started and made it happen. – 0:45
  • The time he spent to build his business on how it is now. – 6:21
  • What drove the artwork and Craft Brew as one. – 13:38
  • His region as far as his designs have gone and reached. – 18:48
  • The favorite project he’s done. – 21:16
  • Collaborating with clients in the creative process. – 23:45
  • What does the future look like? – 25:14
  • If you’re passionate about it, go for it, do it.- 35:04

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