Brand Spotlight: Civic Brand With Brisa Byford

Mike is joined by Senior Strategist at CivicBrand, Brisa Byford! Brisa joins the podcast to talk about the CivicBrand approach on research, branding, consulting, design, and marketing for small towns and cities to create impact and grow communities large and small. This episode has all the feels needed to get inspired to support YOUR community.



  • What is CivicBrand and what are they doing? – 0:50
  • Helping small businesses in small towns craft their stories and build their identities. – 1:57
  • The before, during, and after. – 4:51
  • Building the brand strategies and processes through direct experience and immersing themselves in the place. – 6:57
  • How will you know you’re ready as a small town? – 10:29
  • The Branding Lubbock Project: Where is it now? 15:44

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