Reflecting on 100 Episodes with Spencer Shaw

In this milestone episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, we’re thrilled to celebrate our 100th episode with none other than Spencer Shaw, Founder and CEO of Podkick. Join us as we take a reflective journey through the evolution of the Brand Retro Podcast, exploring the highs, the lessons learned, and the intricate details that have shaped our show. 

Spencer shares his insights on podcasting, growth, and the power of storytelling as we delve into what it takes to maintain a successful podcast series. We also unpack the Brand Retro Mindset, discussing the core principles and strategies that have guided us through 100 episodes. 

This special episode is not just a celebration but a deep dive into the craft of podcasting and a heartfelt thank you to our listeners for their continued support. 

Tune in to discover behind-the-scenes stories, pivotal moments, and the future vision of the Brand Retro Podcast as we step into the next hundred episodes.

Who’s the Guest?

Spencer Shaw, the Founder and CEO of PodKick Media, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur deeply rooted in the podcasting industry. With a keen eye for innovation and a strong belief in the power of storytelling, Spencer established PodKick Media to help creators and businesses amplify their voices and reach global audiences. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a premier podcast production service known for its high-quality content and strategic approach to audience engagement. Spencer’s vision extends beyond production; he is committed to leveraging technology to enhance podcast accessibility and integration across diverse platforms. His expertise and passion for digital media have made him a respected leader and influencer in the podcasting community.


02:03 The challenge and evolution of finding a podcast’s voice.
03:16 Reflecting on surprising elements in podcasting.
07:26 The authenticity of podcasting over traditional writing.
08:23 The importance of nostalgia in branding.
14:39 The cyclical nature of marketing trends.
16:14 Creating scarcity and special experiences in a business context.
20:08 Unique brand collaborations and storytelling.
22:43 The impact of being open to unconventional branding ideas.
28:14 Overcoming the fear to try new branding ideas.
31:34 The importance of taking risks and personal examples.
35:39 Working with clients resistant to change and the power of new approaches.
39:52 How to make companies realize the importance of the experience factor.
42:31 The role of nostalgia and relationship in modern branding.
45:48 Convincing a client to embrace podcasting and unique branding avenues.
49:37 The importance of being that encouraging influence for clients.

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