Ken “Ledkilla” Lashley

Mike welcomes one of the most prolific comic book artists working today to the Brand Retro Podcast… Ken “Ledkilla” Lashley! Ken has worked on some of the most recognizable franchises out there including Batman, Superman, Suicide Squad, Xmen, Transformers, and even Star Wars. If that’s not enough to blow your mind, Ken has also worked closely with MEGA BRANDS such as LucasFilm, Hasbro, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and many more!


  • How he started his career – 0:42
  • Always wanting to be an artist – 2:30
  • Using digital tools – 5:55
  • The brand storytelling process – 13:03
  • A day in his life – 17:36
  • Getting a mental break – 20:29
  • Enjoying the creation – 22:20
  • Trust yourself – 28:36

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