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In this inspiring episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, we are joined by Jacob Cass, the esteemed branding and design expert from the Just Branding Podcast and the creative force behind Just Creative. Together, we delve into the intricacies of navigating a successful career in branding and design, exploring Jacob’s own professional journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way. Jacob shares his experiences working with big brands, offering insights into the challenges and triumphs of collaborating on large-scale projects. We also discuss the various stages of a career in design, from starting out and finding your niche to scaling your influence and managing significant client relationships. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of advancing in the competitive fields of branding and design, enriched with Jacob Cass’s firsthand experiences and seasoned perspectives. Join us for a deep dive into the career journey of one of the industry’s leading figures.

Who’s the Guest?

Jacob Cass is a highly respected branding and design expert, renowned for his comprehensive approach to creative strategy and visual communication. As the founder of Just Creative, Jacob has built a platform that serves as a vital resource for insights into branding, design, and creativity. He is also the host of the Just Branding Podcast, where he explores these themes in depth with other leading figures in the industry.


03:10 – Disinterest in sciences and early explorations in Photoshop.
04:22 – Operation of moonlighting as Just Creative.
04:50 – Transition from high school to visual communication degree.
06:36 – Early blogging and its impact on learning.
07:52 – Move to New York and getting headhunted by an agency.
08:50 – Early career work with brands like Disney, Nike, and Red Bull.
10:33 – Learning design principles through job experiences.
11:50 – Unique access to Disney's database and its impact.
13:25 – Advice on balancing working for a company while running a side business.
14:58 – Discussing the value of learning both from working at an agency and independently.
19:47 – Importance of ongoing learning and self-teaching.
20:37 – Experimenting with new business ventures and digital trends.
22:23 – Balancing profit-driven projects with passion projects.
23:31 – Fun in the industry and maintaining creative fire.

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