Made By James – with James Martin

In this rockstar episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, we’re joined by the incredibly talented James Martin, founder of Made By James and Baby Giant Design Co., and Creative Partner at Lincoln Design. Dive into the thrilling world of design with us as James shares his unique creative journey and the innovative approaches that have cemented his status as a design legend. This episode is jam-packed with cool insights, from James’s philosophy on creativity to the processes that drive his iconic projects. Whether you’re a budding designer, a seasoned creative, or simply a fan of exceptional design, this conversation offers a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Join us as James Martin breaks down the elements that make great design and shares stories from his illustrious career, providing listeners with invaluable lessons from the forefront of the design world.

Who’s the Guest?

James Martin is a distinguished graphic designer and creative entrepreneur, renowned for his expertise in branding and visual storytelling. As the founder of Made By James and Baby Giant Design Co., and serving as a Creative Partner at Lincoln Design, James has consistently pushed the boundaries of design. His work is characterized by a unique blend of bold creativity and meticulous execution, making him a standout figure in the design community. Through his companies, James provides innovative design solutions that empower brands to express their identities vividly and memorably. His commitment to excellence and a deep passion for the craft have earned him recognition and respect among peers and clients alike.


01:10 – Challenges of finding design inspiration pre-social media.
02:19 – Transition from blend designer to incorporating personal style.
05:14 – Leveraging a background in art within the design process.
09:09 – The value of sketching in connecting to the essence of creation.
13:44 – Influencing work with personal interests and subcultures.
17:02 – Personal evolution becoming a recognized style in design.
22:55 – The power of social media to inspire and educate in design.
24:01 – From unknown designer to partner at Lincoln Design Co. through social media.
26:26 – The risk of over-niching and staying adaptable in design work.
28:22 – Embracing personal projects without monetary expectations.
34:25 – Sharing freely on social media to foster community and help others.

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