CJAM Marketing Perspectives + Insights with Behdad Jamshidi

In this engaging episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, we’re thrilled to feature Behdad Jamshidi, the marketing maestro behind CJAM and a veteran in the field with a rich tapestry of experiences. Together, we “jam” on a variety of marketing perspectives, delving into the wealth of customer insights that have shaped the industry and the unique approach championed by CJAM Marketing. Behdad shares his journey of innovation and discovery, offering listeners an insider’s look at how understanding diverse market dynamics and consumer behaviors can revolutionize marketing strategies. From the foundational principles of CJAM Marketing to the cutting-edge techniques that set them apart, this conversation is packed with invaluable knowledge for marketers, business owners, and anyone keen to deepen their understanding of what truly drives customer engagement in today’s digital age. Tune in to absorb Behdad Jamshidi’s profound insights and learn how to apply these principles to your marketing efforts for impactful results.

Who’s the Guest?
Meet Behdad Jamshidi, affectionately known as Bee, the innovative mind behind CJAM Marketing. With a passion for bridging the gap between brands and their ideal marketing partners, Behdad has revolutionized the way businesses connect with marketing agencies. At the heart of CJAM Network, Behdad stands as a steadfast ally, ensuring that every partnership is a perfect synergy of skills, experience, and mutual goals.

Behdad’s journey to founding CJAM was sparked by his own challenges in finding qualified marketing partners. Frustrated by the endless search and unfulfilled promises of high-priced agencies, he leveraged his background as an engineer within large enterprise businesses, where efficiency and precision are paramount. This experience fueled his commitment to developing a solution that eradicates the inefficiencies of traditional agency searches.

CJAM’s inception was driven by Behdad’s vision to streamline the vetting process, cutting through the noise to connect brands with marketing partners that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. His engineering mindset applied to marketing has led to the creation of a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that the CJAM Partner Network is a collection of over 80 marketing professionals excelling in PPC, digital marketing, design, development, SEO, copywriting, and more.

03:37 The importance of focusing on core competencies
08:36 The need for marketing consistency and perseverance
12:13 The significance of setting aside a marketing budget and sticking with it
17:57 Role that CJM Marketing plays in finding the right marketing partner for businesses
19:33 Handling the onboarding process for the clients
21:13 Importance of guiding clients through the business journey to build trust
23:03 The uncertainty of the modern marketing landscape and the need for constant adjustment
26:13 The unpredictability of SEO and Google’s constant changes
28:10 Value of being comfortable with uncertainty in business
29:31 How changes in marketing channels like Google affect all businesses, large and small
31:43 Best places to find and know more about Behdad and CJAM


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