Social Truths with Hannah Balliet

In this revealing episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, we’re joined by Hannah Balliet from Ugly Mug Marketing, a maverick in demystifying the complex world of social media for brands and businesses. Our conversation centers on unveiling the realities of social media beyond its surface-level allure, focusing on helping clients grasp its true nature, strategic approach, and the critical role of intentionality in digital engagement. Hannah delves into the intricacies of social media strategy, emphasizing the importance of businesses understanding the platform dynamics, audience behaviors, and the necessity of a purpose-driven approach to truly connect and make an impact. Through her expert insights, we explore how this deep comprehension of social media can transform customer interactions, perception, and ultimately, the success of a brand in the digital ecosystem. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to navigate the social media landscape with more clarity, strategy, and success. Tune in to gain Hannah Balliet’s invaluable perspectives on mastering the art of social media with intention and insight.

Who’s the Guest?

Hannah Balliet is the passionate and purposeful leader of the Social Media Department at Ugly Mug Marketing. Over the past 4 years, Hannah has grown her department by over 340%, and has worked alongside hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs as they navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Her key focus is helping businesses build predictable marketing systems that consistently produce leads and sales. From private clients to social media masterclasses, Hannah brings her expertise and energy as she teaches clients how to use social media to scale their business, generate leads and achieve RESULTS.


03:18 Hannah’s new role as the director of communications, which included developing a cohesive strategy aligned to the companies’ needs
07:22 Stepping into the role for the Ugly Mug Marketing
13:13 How intention and strategy are key elements in social media marketing, and how these aspects are continually adjusted for optimal results
15:22 Why you should have a solid strategy in social media marketing
17:01 The importance of realizing that businesses can have multiple customer avatars
19:28 Identifying the primary platform where your audience is and focusing your resources there
23:46 Different payoffs from various investments
26:34 Importance of creating success and then the challenge of replicating it in a constantly changing marketing environment
29:38 How vanity metrics like total followers or likes do not necessarily equate to business success
34:01 Investigating bad reviews to improve overall business services, as it is all part of the customer experience
37:56 The ‘natural progression’ of a customer journey from being strangers to becoming friends, customers, and eventually evangelists for the business
41:02 The value of delivering quality after the sales process, and living up to the promise made to the customer

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