A.I. Perspectives with Joshua Lisec

In this riveting installment of the Brand Retro Podcast, host Mike Brevik joins forces with AI aficionado and ghost writer Joshua Lisec to explore the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence. Delve into a conversation that spans the spectrum of AI’s potential, from the nuanced implications on marketing strategies to its transformative effects on businesses at large. Mike and Joshua share their expert insights on how to harness AI’s capabilities to not only predict market trends, but also create more personalized customer experiences. They’ll shed light on the ways AI is reshaping the industry, discuss the ethical dimensions of this digital frontier, and offer actionable advice on leveraging AI for competitive advantage. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or tech enthusiast, this episode will equip you with a richer understanding of AI’s role in our digital future. Tune in to “AI Perspectives” and be inspired to navigate the AI revolution with confidence and creativity.

Who’s the Guest?
Joshua Lisec is a seasoned ghostwriter and trusted authority on content creation, bringing a wealth of expertise in crafting compelling narratives for industry leaders and influencers. With a portfolio that includes best-selling books and high-impact articles, his talent lies in giving a powerful voice to the unique visions of his clients. Joshua’s work is underpinned by his in-depth understanding of the written word and his ability to adapt to the diverse voices and styles required across various genres and platforms. His experience with artificial intelligence in content generation positions him at the intersection of traditional writing finesse and modern technological advancements, making him a sought-after expert for those looking to elevate their content strategy in the digital age.

01:12 Joshua’s concerns surrounding AI and authorship
02:39 The demand for AI consultants who can help businesses integrate AI into their workflows
06:02 Their experiences applying AI as a tool to accelerate the creative process in writing website content, blog content, and taglines
06:24 How he uses AI as a brainstorming partner and a tool to break writer’s block
7:44 Ways businesses have started replacing human tasks with AI
11:01 How the new technology implementations often cause a generational divide in acceptance and application
14:55 Joshua’s minimal use of AI in his ghostwriting business
16:51 His viewpoint on AI as a time-saving tool and mentions other similar tools, like Zapier


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