The 80/20 Principle with Spencer Shaw

Unpack the power of the 80/20 principle in this enlightening episode of the Brand Retro Podcast, hosted by Mike Brevik, featuring the astute Spencer Shaw. The duo dives deep into the nuanced Cyberdogz 80/20 strategy, unraveling the delicate balance between risk and reward in the realm of marketing and business decision-making. Listen as they dissect how this potent strategy is intricately woven into the Cyberdogz business model, propelling it to new heights. Moreover, discover how it’s meticulously taught to clients, fostering a mindset shift towards innovative and strategic thinking. Immerse yourself in this strategy talk and embark on a journey towards thinking differently and amplifying rewards in your marketing endeavors. Join Mike and Spencer and redefine your marketing strategies now!

02:05 The distractions brought by the evolution of technology, especially in business
04:22 How Cyberdogz’ secret sauce involves focusing on clients’ needs and advancing the success of clients as a primary aim
11:05 Description of the 80-20 rule applied in operating Cyberdogz
17:18 The importance of having a vision, realistic expectations, perseverance, and the readiness to make changes as a way to success
22:14 How they apply the 80-20 rule with clients
22:49 Extracting the clients’ unique aspects to help them outperform their competitors, identifying this special characteristic as crucial to the marketing plan
24:00 The importance of reaching the 20% uniqueness which serves as the secret sauce to success

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