Fearless Thinking with Mike Ozan

Step into the audacious world of marketing with the Brand Retro Podcast as host Mike Brevik teams up with the ever-innovative Mike Ozan. In this captivating episode, they delve into the power of fearless thinking and the magic it brings to marketing. Discover how stepping away from the norm and embracing uncharted territories can lead to groundbreaking results for clients. From challenging the status quo to executing bold strategies, the two Mikes inspire you to think differently and equip you with the mindset to deliver unparalleled outcomes. Dive in and let your marketing courage soar!


  • How Mike’s agency approach their own market and clients now
  • TWIST Creative’s involvement in enhancing their community, working with local neighborhood businesses and cultural assets
  • The importance of appreciating and understanding the history of a company
  • The importance of clear communication with the clients and managing their expectations throughout the process.
  • Present efficiency of AI in creating accurate advertising copy
  • Storytelling in advertising
  • How the current AI falls short in achieving storytelling
  • The speed at which AI is developing and impacting the industry

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