Marketing Perspectives with Bob Knorpp

Join us on the Brand Retro Podcast as our host, Mike Brevik, sits down with marketing maven, Bob Knorpp. Dive deep into the dynamic world of marketing as they unravel the latest trends, dissect current events, and forecast the future landscapes of the industry. From digital revolutions to brand storytelling, Bob and Mike bring fresh insights and seasoned perspectives, making this segment a must-listen for every marketing enthusiast and professional. Tune in to hear two industry stalwarts decode the intricate tapestry of today’s marketing world. Don’t miss it!


  • The major shifts in the industry – 01:46
  • Role of mobile devices in changing the marketing industry – 03:26
  • The opportunity for mass personalization in marketing through AI – 07:08
  • Balance between creativity and data-driven decisions in marketing strategy – 10:47
  • The challenges of client expectations for quick results without adequate strategy or patience for the process – 16:10
  • The core elements of any marketing strategy – 19:30
  • The importance of intentional decision-making in executing a campaign – 20:47
  • Where to catch Bob and learn more about him – 22:01

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