Empathy Plus Data Driven Brand Storytelling with Sarah Panus

On today’s episode, Mike is joined by Sarah Panus of Kindred Speak to talk about how Brand Storytelling is 22x more memorable than facts and figures alone. Brands are the new Editor-in-Chiefs. Sarah shares her thoughts on how humanizing your brand through storytelling by using her F.E.D Method (focus, empathy, and data) can drive ROI. Tune in to hear how being intentional and really connecting with your audience can drive your brand to its fullest.

Who’s The Guest?
Sarah Panus helps content marketers use brand storytelling to attract upper-funnel leads that drive lower-funnel results.

Using her signature F.E.D. method, she helps marketing professionals think like Editorial Directors to humanize their brands and create winning brand storytelling strategies.


  • What does data-driven brand storytelling mean? – 0:32
  • How empathy filters work. – 5:34
  • Four different types of empathy filters. – 6:27
  • Intentional storytelling in business. – 12:03
  • Importance of SEO. – 17:20
  • Benefits of brand storytelling. – 24:54
  • The difference between brand overnight and brand over time. – 25:29
  • Email as a power tool. – 28:42
  • Being intentional in your marketing strategy. – 30:42
  • Red Wing Shoe Company’s unique take on marketing – 33:11

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