Online Retail Strategies with Khierstyn Ross

With the holidays upon us, it’s CRUNCH TIME for online retailers! Mike is joined by a fellow marketer, Kickstarter, and Shopify guru, and Founder & CEO of, Khierstyn Ross. Khierstyn’s mission is to give entrepreneurs the expertise, skills, and experience needed to launch custom products that make their customers’ lives better. Give the gift of knowledge and share this one!

Who’s The Guest?
Khierstyn Ross helps early-stage eCommerce brands launch and scale their brands using Kickstarter and Shopify. They’ve helped launch and scale multiple 7-figure brands such as,,, and many others.


  • How Khierstyn helps brands during the holiday season. – 0:40
  • Tips for last-minute Thanksgiving marketing. – 4:00
  • Helping clients who are marketing and selling to their audience for the first time. – 7:29
  • Leveraging, identifying, and using what you have instead of being in a place where you can’t deliver. – 10:48
  • The benefits of creating a personalized shopping experience for customers. – 12:17
  • Difference between selling and buying in Etsy and Amazon. – 13:03
  • Advice to clients who are finding the balance between where to put their resources and where to put their marketing efforts. – 14:12
  • Kickstarter is a tool to help their business get off the ground. – 18:29
  • How to be successful on Kickstarter? – 20:25
  • The connection between Kickstarter and Shopify. – 23:23
  • Why people or brands are doing crowdfunding campaigns? – 26:09
  • Where to find information about Khierstyn Ross and why people should find out more about them. – 27:14

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