Creating A Brand One Mile(stone) At A Time with Janus Motorcycles – Part 1

This episode is SPECIAL for a few reasons. It’s our 75th episode AND our first episode where we’ve transitioned from audio to video. AND because we’re talking about creating a brand with the guys from Janus Motorcycles. Richard, Grant, and Jordan from Janus Motorcycles join the podcast to talk about the backstory behind their brand, their passion for motorcycles, and the rich culture that DRIVES this retro-inspired motorcycle company. Hands down, probably the coolest and most retro-inspired episode yet!


  • How Janus Motorcycles got started
  • At what point in their process did they decide to take Janus
  • Motorcycles to another process
  • The difference between Janus and other motorcycle companies
  • What Janus’ production process is

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