Tulip Media Group with Jessica Embree


Mike welcomes lifelong entrepreneur, international bestseller, StoryBrand Guide, marketing expert, AND creative director for Tulip Media Group, Jessica Embree! Mike and Jessica talk about the challenges of marketing, the transition from print to digital, and how making an intentional shift can make a HUGE impact on your business.


  • How Jessica’s creative path took her where she is today
  • What she’s dealing with and what is her focus now
  • The role of StoryBrand in branding
  • The secret sauce: How she translates the process from herself and the company down to their customers
  • What her focus and strengths are
  • The benefits and advantages of using print marketing
  • Why you should look at the metrics
  • The book Double Sales / Zero Salespeople
  • What the difference between a blog series and a book is
  • How writing a book changed her role and experience

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