Perennial Pride with Tom Suvansri

Tom Suvansri, a client and the founder of Perennial Pride, is welcomed by Mike! Tom is a wonderful person and an even better client, and he now has a brand to be proud of! Mike and Tom discuss Mike’s path of creating his brand, including how he used his individuality to establish a business that is all about him, his approach to money management, and how he finally celebrates his authenticity.


  • Who is Tom Suvansri? – 0:00
  • Mindset on brand cultivation – 1:08
  • Peeling back the layers of Perennial Pride – 02:48
  • The evolution and soul searching process – 03:27
  • Pusing new brands in the market with authenticity – 06:00
  • What is Perennial Pride all about? – 08:18
  • Tactically using an abstract process: interaction, tools, and infinite ways – 11:56
  • Advice on the importance of brand – 14:26
  • Finance your life and your family’s future – 20:00

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