Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert Meredith Kallaher

Social media marketing is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, it is a game of survival.

Meredith Kallaher, an entrepreneur and marketing specialist joins Mike on the Brand Retro podcast. Mike and Meredith discuss her entrepreneurial experience. They also talk about an important social media marketing topic: how to connect the dots in branding, from visuals to social media to paid advertising.


  • Who is Meredith Kallaher – 0:00
  • A course that help people thrive during the pandemic – 2:57
  • Optimizing client websites for conversion: building a brand story – 4:23
  • A calibrated brand with substance: the subliminal connection – 5:36
  • The secret sauce in marketing: utilizing social media and paid ads – 08:35
  • A powerful tool for leaving impression – 15:45
  • The value of lead campaigns – 18:13
  • Creating value proposition from the past knowledge: Why focus on numbers? – 22:09
  • Detailed client questionnaire – 26:44
  • Know more about Kajabi Platform and Meredith – 28:42

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