How Creativity Rules The World with Maria Brito

Mike welcomes Award-Winning New York-Based Contemporary Art Advisor, Author, and Curator, Maria Brito! This episode hits on all points as Mike and Maria talk about the power of creativity and what it means to embrace that side for artists and entrepreneurs. From her own PBS series to her NEW book (How Creativity Rules The World), Maria delivers!



  • Welcoming Maria – 0:18
  • Extracting and cultivating creativity from entrepreneurs: Maria’s background – 0:28
  • Creativity can be applied anywhere, just figure out how to package it up – 5:02
  • The automatic pilot thing: taking control with your own life – 6:54
  • Follow your heart as it expands your expertise – 13:21
  • Opportunities: reinventing yourself and creating something of value – 15:45
  • Creativity is misunderstood visionary mindset – 16:54
  • Your unique ability to come up with ideas of value – 19:57
  • Being an entrepreneur is being creative: the marriage of entrepreneurship and business – 21:05
  • It is limitless and inexhaustible – 23:46
  • Keeping the ball rolling is up to you: the evolution and progression of things – 25:22
  • Reevaluate business once a year to see the opportunities – 28:46
  • Compounding momentum – 30:00
  • Do not tolerate the poisonous thought – 31:17
  • Believe in yourself and accept the downfalls – 34:38
  • Connect with Maria Brito- 38:31

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