E-releases with Mickie Kennedy

Mickie Kennedy, Public Relations Expert, Press Release Ninja, Media Relations Networker, Founder, and President of eReleases, joins Mike on the show! Mike and Mickie discuss the undervalued importance of press releases, the subtle methods used in e-releases, and the legitimacy that traditional press releases can provide.


  • Welcoming Mickie Kennedy – 0:02
  • Mindset on starting eReleases – 0:30
  • Meeting client expectations – 1:20
  • What is press-worthy and what is not?: Masterclasses and surveys – 2:27
  • Strategy in sending out press releases – 4:47
  • The ripple-effect of benefits of doing eReleases – 6:48
  • Exploring the realm of eReleases through a free masterclass – 8:46
  • Reaching the grassroots and helping business -10:45
  • The evolution of press release – 13:37

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