Brand Spotlight: Real Food Brands

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business, whether it is a small or medium enterprise, large or retail.

But as a business owner, is it a must to take a brand strategist?

Mike is joined by Real Food Brands Podcast Host and Food Brand Strategist, Katie Mleziva. Katie talks about business, customer pitfalls, and how she’s taking brand strategy and marketing “recipes” to the food industry. This episode contains the perfect ingredients for an awesome episode!



  • What Katie Mleziva does with Real Foods Brands and the branding space. – 0:33
  • The idea of the pivot. – 2:19
  • As she went into her current direction, she came across brands that were unsure of how she could help – 5:09
  • There’s always a missing piece that brand strategists fill in. – 8:22
  • What Katie is looking for in a client. – 11:38
  • The key things that are missed from a strategy perspective. – 12:24
  • What to expect with Katie’s process. – 16:39
  • Using partners to refer people to. – 19:41
  • There is value in consistency. – 26:12
  • Identify the niche: Who are my clients and what do they look like? – 26:33

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