Marketing Myth: Traditional Media is Dead

Is traditional media dead? With a more modern, digital way of exposing brands to the public, do you think the traditional way is gone for good?

Mike is joined by the President and CEO of Mosaic Media, Mary Ann Pruitt. Mary Ann joins the podcast to discuss the marketing myth that traditional media is dead AND how to use digital and traditional tactics together. This episode is the perfect mix of old school meets new school and how to think strategically to get the biggest bang out of your marketing efforts!


  • Is traditional media gone? – 2:08
  • Combining two forms of advertising: Should I go traditional or the more modern way? – 4:53
  • Working with a client targeting a very specific niche. – 6:23
  • Getting the brand impression as a consumer. – 11:10
  • Time Square as a prime example of showing the evolution of how traditional has taken place. – 14:22
  • Using local news: The smaller the market you’re in, the more important it is. – 17:05
  • Is it necessary to get extra packages? – 21:06
  • As a marketing consultant or representative of the brand, what are the questions you need to ask the provider of what expectations are?- 24:16
  • Any client or company that comes into, whether it is traditional or digital marketing presenting themselves in a large group, the stronger, more consistent their brand is, the better the result will be and the more confident the brand will look. – 26:59
  • The necessity of getting the brand to evolve. – 31:51
  • The client’s expectations, whether they understand what they are looking for or not looking for, the client’s expectation of quality makes branding very important. – 33:07
  • Changes in consumer behavior. – 37:26

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