Manny Cartoon Part 1

How far will you go when it comes to marketing your business and skills? Can you take a leap of faith, move forward, and do the stuff you love?

Mike welcomes amazing artist and great friend of Cyberdogz, “Manny Cartoon” to the podcast. Mike and Manny have a great conversation about their collaborations, a realistic chat on entrepreneurship, and a deep dive into the challenges that come with going 100% solo as an artist, a creative, and a business owner. This one is different but in a good way!


  • What does fear look like for Manny? – 1:45
  • Having a conversation with a young artist. – 4:17
  • If you want to jump forward, you have to do the stuff you love. – 6:11
  • Advice to give a young designer who’s in the threshold of making that decision. – 8:42
  • No amount of no from somebody else is gonna stop somebody who’s ready to do something. – 14:36
  • Success story: Grabbing a new gig while on vacation. – 18:48

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