Bethany Wall (Wall Street Property Group)

How important is it to have your own business branding? Mike interviews Bethany Wall of the Wall Street Property Group to talk about how the company started – with the help of having their own personal brand. Although most branding experts and designers don’t consider real estate as an exciting category to work with, Bethany, with the help of her husband Eric, and Mike was able to create their own brand that helps them stand out from the rest. If you are thinking about starting your own company or having doubts about creating your own brand, you will surely love the episode today.



  • Sometimes, working with realtors is hard because it’s a very different industry, and a lot of times, they follow each other. If you’re a designer or a creative, you’ll see that most realtors and most realty groups have the same recipe on how they look, how they feel, and how they interact with the public. – 0:38
  • Most realtors don’t have a brand for themselves. – 1:40
  • How the process of Bethany’s branding started. – 2:31
    Is it important to have a brand logo, even for a small company? – 5:48
  • Most designers are not excited to work with real estate companies since it doesn’t excite them and they look the same in many ways. – 8:17
  • Why is it important for Bethany to have a personal brand? – 9:36
  • Brands are meant to evolve. – 10:50
    What advice can Bethany give to somebody who’s starting out on the branding process? – 12:14
  • Make sure that the person you’re hiring understands the end goal and what you’re looking to do. – 13:13Episode Resources
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