TikTok’s: Pete’s Diary

Mike welcomes TikTok sensation and guitarist Pete Dankelson from Pete’s Diary to the Brand Retro Podcast. “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)” and Pete’s journey is as unique as they come and his optimism shines through in everything he does!


  • Getting on TikTok and becoming a content creator – 0:55
  • Defining the audience on social media – 3:04
  • Making a difference for kids like Peter in schools – 4:01
  • Integrating guitar playing to speaking to the kids – 4:51
  • An audience that engaged with them – 6:48
  • Some videos that went viral – 8:25
  • Producing content on a daily basis – 12:49
  • It’s impressive when he goes live – 13:48
  • One of his favorite bands – 15:20
  • A growth plan for TikTok – 17:07
  • Be yourself, do not try to be somebody that you’re not – 18:34

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