The Superman Brand with Dan Jurgens

After you listen to this episode, you’ll believe a brand can fly! Mike is joined once again by comic book creator, writer, artist, AND industry legend, Dan Jurgens. Mike and Dan discuss the birth of the Superman Brand, its impact on them personally, and even the 1993 decision to kill off the man of steel in DC Comics famous “Death of Superman”.


About the birth of Superman – 3:34
What Superman stands for – 6:12
The first comic that he read – 6:36
Destroying a character – 10:49
The Superman Returns movie – 12:10
Reality and fiction – 18:45
Working on tremendous characters – 21:44
Having emotional impact – 22:57
“The whole world is watching” – 24:11
Knowing when Superman would be coming back – 26:56
“The death of Superman” – 27:51
The Superman brand – 29:21

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