Cyberdogz and 5 Core Questions in Crisis with Marisa Jackels

Cyberdogz welcomes content developer Marisa Jackels to the show to interview Mike on the history of Cyberdogz, PLUS how Cyberdogz is helping customers sustain and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


The crisis around the pandemic – 0:45
Mike’s story with Cyberdogz – 1:00
Mike’s first job – 2:54
What to do to support clients – 5:20
Wanting to be smart and strategic – 7:00
Do not panic! – 7:39
People want confidence – 10:08
Figuring out a new way to keep your business afloat – 16:00
What to do in a time of crisis – 17:37
Focusing on the strengths and not the weaknesses – 22:19
Being a better business owner during the pandemic – 25:00
It is all about perspective – 30:10

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