Building a Successful Blog

Mike and Cyberdogz writer, Katie Jenison, discuss some of the main points of building a successful blog and as always, how to approach this process in a way that makes YOUR brand unique.


Why blogs are great – 1:53
The importance of creating value and content – 3:43
You want your message to be received – 4:55
You need to have a plan – 8:31
The importance of your social marketing – 11:20
Spending time generating content – 13:52
Finding your voice and content – 19:13
What’s the process? – 20:44
Finding the best keywords and phrases – 26:00
Why emails are great – 28:27
Figuring out your goal – 29:38
Being authentic when you are writing the content – 33:35
Be honest with yourself – 35:41
Choosing a content management system – 36:59

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